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Photograph of desert dunes romantic as in The English Patient

Harmattan Jewellery

Handcrafted Jewellery -
with a story to tell....

It's great to meet you! My name is Marianne McCaughey, and I'm a Danish, UK-based jewellery artist and geologist. I believe that jewellery is a meaningful adornment that can reflect personal stories, values, and interests. As a lover of nature, I enjoy handcrafting jewellery pieces that express my appreciation for the world's natural beauty. If you're looking for a unique piece of jewellery that reflects your style and personality, you've come to the right place.

artist hammering ring
Silversmithing and hammering of silver ring in progress in the Harmattan Jewellery Studio

I find the amazing accuracy and at the same time random, surprising and at times chaotic patterns in the natural world very inspirational and also romantic. Likewise ancient artifacts and what jewellery has meant to people through the ages is a great inspiration. I started Harmattan Jewellery in 2009 whilst living in Cairo, Egypt. I hugely enjoyed living there and spent much time in the desert, hence Harmattan Jewellery is named after a Saharan desert wind. The greater underlying notion of Harmattan Jewellery is a very romantic understanding of the vast desert scenery best expressed in movies and books such as "The English Patient" and "Out of Africa".

The Harmattan Jewellery pieces are all designed and handcrafted using recycled precious metals and genuine gemstones. Below you can find links to testimonials and descriptions of the gemstones.

My studio is located close to Henley-on-Thames and I regularly exhibit in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. If you sign up to my newsletter you will also receive information on open studio events. Besides you that you are most welcome to contact me if you would like to talk through a project.

Handcrafting of silver earring in progress in the Harmattan Jewellery Studio near Henley-on-Thames
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