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Harmattan Jewellery

Care guide

Your Harmattan Jewellery is handcrafted from precious metals, gemstones, pearls, cultural, and ancient beads. The jewellery is created to be worn every day and last for a very long time if you take good care of it.


How to give you jewellery a long life:

  • Remove your jewellery before washing your hands, going to bed or showering.

  • Avoid chemicals from cosmetic products such as perfume, hair- and beauty products on your jewellery. Put on your jewellery at the very end of your routine. 

  • Remove your jewellery before engaging in activities in which your jewellery can be exposed to knocks, scratches or pulling. 

  • When not wearing your jewellery store them in separate boxes to avoid scratching. 

  • To avoid polishing you can store your jewellery in zipped plastic bags.


How to clean and maintain:


When wearing your jewellery often it can get tarnished and will eventually need to have the shine and lustre restored. 

  • Polish jewellery with a dry and clean polishing cloth.

  • On diamond pieces you can use a soft bristle brush and warm soapy water.  Then rinse in warm water and dry with a soft cloth. 

  • Pearls and coral are organic and very sensitive to chemicals in soap and beauty products. Use only a soft cloth to clean your pearls.

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