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Testimonials: Testimonials

Harmattan Jewellery

Image by Jan Kopřiva

HUGE fan of Mariannes design! I own a few of them already, and Marianne is also working on a special commission for me at the moment. Her designs are timeless, high-quality and stunning and always with that little detail that draws the eye to it. I receive so many compliments when wearing them - they are truly one of a kind, and made with such love and care.

Thank you


I love my turquoise necklace with a solitary carnelian centrepiece. It’s an elegant and clean statement necklace that fits to most outfits. The designs by Harmattan Jewellery impresses me tremendously; elegant, intriguing, inspirational and with a great sense for colours and how to combine different rocks and crystals to the best match. I’m a fan and I’m hooked. Thank you Marianne for bringing us closer to nature.


have owned my beautiful Harmattan necklace for over 10 years now and it remains one of my favourite pieces. The workmanship has obviously stood the test of time and the stones are gorgeous, they still feel and look lovely. I can wear mine long or as two strings and it hangs well.


I love the weight and the feeling of the materials - and all the different colours. I just ordered another necklace and some earrings to supplement my exciting collection of Harmattan Jewellery. Thanks you, Marianne!


Simple elegance is how I would describe Marianne’s handmade jewelry. You can wear it for absolutely any occasion…formal or every day. I love how she uses precious stones, beads and silver and selects her colour combinations to make each piece distinct. People will definitely ask you from which country did you buy it!


Marianne makes the most beautiful jewellery. The pieces are stylish with character and charisma. I fancy all the various stones mixed with the silver in lovely designs. The jewellery goes so well with many different outfits and can refresh a boring dress. I own several necklaces and earrings from Harmattan Jewellery. Some of them I have had for over 10 years, and I love to use them.


Your jewelry I have known and worn with great pleasure. They are beautiful, natural materials and a great design. Everyone admires them.


I have these necklaces and several sets of ear rings and have worn then extensively.  They are often admired and I wish Marianne all the best in extending her collection.


Have received 2 beautiful necklaces, both much admired. Really easy to wear pieces, very light and comfortable. Subtle tones of natural minerals make them so easy to compliment any outfit, they arrive beautifully packaged with detail of where the different elements come from.

I have ordered the necklace from the Ball Collection and this is my favourite piece of jewellery at the moment! I wanted to have a bracelet to pair with the necklace and Marianne has offered to design it for me. This is very delicate and unique jewellery, love it

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