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Ethiopian Opals

NEW to Harmattan

It's a pleasure to introduce the Opal Collection. For several years I have been encouraged to include more opal jewellery within the Harmattan Jewellery collection. Therefore, I have been hunting for stones that I find truly extraordinary and I have finally found what I was looking for in these Ethiopian opals, created by volcanic activity in the Great Rift Valley. These opals are found in a variety of colours ranging from white to black and sometimes in a rainbow. Ethiopian opals are unique due to their high water content, which contributes to and enhances the vibrant display. These opals have a rich history and are highly cherished for their beauty. In ancient times they were believed to be an emotional intensifier of love and passion.

I think it is truly mesmerizing to look at these colourful sparkling stones and it is just amazing contemplating that nature has produced these.

You can see the the Opal Collection here: Shop | Harmattan Jewellery


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