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This is wearing history.

It is such a pleasure to talk about this Roman Collection. For a number of years I have been collecting ancient original Roman glass and stone beads as well as coins with this jewellery collection in mind. Bringing back to life these ancient beads is just a joy and it's wonderful to consider, who might have made them, who might have worn them, and what journey they have been through since they were made. If only these beads could tell their story it would be so interesting. Unfortunately they can't but instead we can get to enjoy wearing them, telling their story and appreciate their uniqueness and beauty.

I also combine ancient Roman coins with beautiful gemstones in earrings as part of this collection. When selecting the particular coins I pay careful attention to the patina, the colour and the clarity of the portrait. The intent is to select coins with a sense of wonder and mystique about them, so it feels like the subjects are peeping out through history at us and through this inviting us into their world. The coins patina sets a good deal of the tone for this process and determines which gemstones will accompany the coins in the earrings. It's astonishing once you really start looking closely at patina it is very specific and contains many different colours. It's a fascinating process and it nearly feels like the coin tells you which gemstones to choose.

I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I have enjoyed making them.

You can see the Roman Collection by clicking on the below links.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

  • Henley Arts Trail, 4th - 6th May 2024

  • Caversham Art Trail, 11th - 12th & 18th - 19th May 2024

  • Bucks Art Weeks, 8th - 16th June 2024

  • Wargrave Festival, 25th June 2024

NEW to Harmattan

It's a pleasure to introduce the Opal Collection. For several years I have been encouraged to include more opal jewellery within the Harmattan Jewellery collection. Therefore, I have been hunting for stones that I find truly extraordinary and I have finally found what I was looking for in these Ethiopian opals, created by volcanic activity in the Great Rift Valley. These opals are found in a variety of colours ranging from white to black and sometimes in a rainbow. Ethiopian opals are unique due to their high water content, which contributes to and enhances the vibrant display. These opals have a rich history and are highly cherished for their beauty. In ancient times they were believed to be an emotional intensifier of love and passion.

I think it is truly mesmerizing to look at these colourful sparkling stones and it is just amazing contemplating that nature has produced these.

You can see the the Opal Collection here: Shop | Harmattan Jewellery


I am really excited to announce I will be having an open studio event at my home in Twyford just before Christmas. You will be able to see my newest jewellery designs and buy my always popular papyrus plants, cards and my upcoming book (if I get it finished in time 😀).

I will be doing this event together with four of my neighbouring artist friends who will also be opening their studios. Below you will find our press release with more information.

Hope to see you there.

Press release:

Artists Sally Castle, Rebecca Howard, Heather McAteer, Marianne McCaughey and Linda Saul will be opening their home studios to the public. This local trail in Charvil and Twyford offers a range of jewellery, painting, drawing, prints and greetings cards in time for the festive period and beyond. All artists will be on hand to discuss their practice and answer any questions you may have about their work.

About the Artists

Sally Castle is a designer and illustrator with a reputation for original hand lettering, linocut printmaking, environmental lettering and mixed media artwork. Her sketchbooks will be on display as well as limited edition linocut prints, greetings cards and Two Rivers Press books.

2 Wisteria Cottage, Ruscombe Lane, Ruscombe, RG10 9JP

Rebecca Howard creates landscape paintings inspired by nature’s wide open spaces and the glory of pattern within those landscapes. Her work will be available to buy as original artworks in oil as well as limited edition prints and cards.

57 Orchard Estate, Twyford, RG10 9LA

Heather McAteer specialises in graphite drawings which investigate themes of identity, memory and history reflecting on her formative years in Northern Ireland. She will have original works on paper, prints and cards available to view and buy.

22 Strathmore Drive, Charvil, RG10 9QT

Marianne McCaughey is a Danish geologist living in Twyford, who creates jewellery that has a story to tell. The designs are inspired by nature and history and are created with gemstones, precious metals, ancient beads and artifacts to create meaningful jewellery. She will also have plants and cards available to buy.

13 New Road, Twyford, Reading, RG10 9PS

Linda Saul creates works which focus on landscape in its varieties – urban, rural, coastal and sometimes wild. Her process involves the use of mixed water media and collage on paper. She will have original artworks, including miniatures, available as well as prints and cards.

The Gables, 14 Park Lane, Charvil, RG10 9TR

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