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Harmattan Jewellery SALE September 1st -22nd

Here is an early HEADS UP for subscribers

Happy September

Please be invited to Harmattan Jewellery first ever SALE, this blog is to give a heads up to Harmattans valued subscribers before the sale is announced on social media Wednesday the 6th of September 2023.

I am working on some exciting new jewellery collections that I look very much forward to sharing with you in the near future. Therefore, I have decided to have a sale of some of my older designs to generate space in the studio.

Maybe there is some jewellery pieces you have been considering for yourself, a friend or for Christmas and it might now be on sale. The vast majority of the sale pieces are reduced by 50%.

As always, I hope you love the jewellery and it is giving you lots of joy and connection to nature.

Visit the sale via the link below.

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